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Design Process

Design Process

There's a lot of decisions that go into the design of a home.  To help make it more manageable, we'll work together in phases.

Phase 1: Your wishlist

What do you want in your home and how do you see your family living in it?

Phase 2: Schematic Design

In this phase we start getting ideas on paper to help flush things out.  Often, I'll sketch by hand to help keep things moving more fluidly.  Then, once we get some solid direction then I'll move into 3D - and this is when my clients get really excited about their project.  Seeing it in 3D truly helps the project come to life.

Phase 3: Construction Documents

Once we agree on a design we move into the Construction Document )CD) phase.  It's during this phase that the drawings are created to submit for a permit and for the contractor to build from.

Seems pretty straightforward, doesn't it?  Well, it is.  It takes patience, flexibility, and an open mind.  It's a fun process and the end result of having a new home is a sweet reward.

Next Steps...

I'm eager to talk with you about your dream home.  Please don't hesitate to reach out.